Tube Top Gardening

I like to think I perfected the art of tube top gardening last year (for those of you who weren’t with us, I couldn’t afford to get tan lines from gardening last year because of the Sister’s wedding), but yesterday while mulching in my tube top (to make me really feel like I’m on a tropical getaway and not just any old staycation) I forgot my one cardinal rule:

Spray your back with sunscreen, THEN put the tube top on

Why the added step?

Because it slips.  #gardenfail



As if we didn’t already know that GAL’s pasty…

In the spirit of full disclosure during our gardening adventures, this was the first official sunburn of the season (4/3/10).  Here’s to hoping I can “fix” these tan lines by October for my sister’s wedding (is gardening in a tube top acceptable?)!

Don't worry, Mom, sunscreen and bug spray are next on the shopping list!