Seedlings and Chores

I love reading the gardening chores list on A Way to Garden this time of year because we’re so far ahead of zone 5B.  Being solidly lin zone 7, it means that our last frost is mere weeks away, and March 1st is the time when we’re thinking about turning over our gardens and sowing peas and spinach.

This spring is unusually warm and mild (I still cannot believe that we have daffodils up–DAFFODILS people!), and we’re even considering moving the rain barrel from out back up front so that I have a better water source to utilize for our cold frames.  Even though we did have snow just over a week ago, it’s gone and today was in the mid-60s. Perfection, if you ask me.  So much so that I went ahead and planted my cherry tomatoes and the first batch of marigolds tonight.

The first weekend in March has traditionally been the weekend we get started with our outdoor chores, and this weekend seems to be shaping up to be a great start.  Our (my?) chores list is becoming pretty extensive, but I’m just thrilled to get back into it!

  • Bring up the rain barrel–consider ordering a second one
  • Begin turning over the back garden–work out a plan for the raised beds
  • Sow a few rows of peas
  • Trellis and get netting for the front Kitchen Garden peas
  • Clean out remaining leaves in the front and back garden beds
  • Re-edge the front garden beds
  • Pick up the car port

Kindness of Neighbors

We live in a great neighborhood.  People are respectful, quiet, and kind.  No matter how crazy everything else gets, coming home to this house, this place, and this neighborhood has been my refuge, and I can’t imagine being anywhere else.

Saturday was incredibly windy, and I got the first load of laundry up on the line (HOORAY!).  As I was almost taking flight with my sheets, our neighbor two houses up who has beautiful gardens and lots of fun tools pulled up in the yard and asked if I wanted him to take a few swipes through our garden with his tiller.

Um, yes please!

The result was that what would have taken us a full weekend to break up and start tilling Randy did in 5 minutes with his souped up John Deer.  There’s still a LOT of weeding and tilling to do, but he helped make this so much easier.

Third Time’s the Charm

“I don’t know what I’m doing, but at least I’m doing something!  “

–GAL, at the start of turning over the garden

Last year was a big disappointment for us as gardeners.  It was our second season, and I think we got a little cocky and a little lazy.  Regardless, our biggest fault last year was not starting off on the right foot early enough in the season.  This year we have vowed to be different! 

Not that we’re expert gardeners by any stretch of the imagination.  Both our families garden, and GAL’s grandfather is an encyclopedia of gardening know how, but as the JLG collective…we’re in our infant years of getting to know the soil, and completely understand how this all works.  And we don’t have much…aside from the land to do it, we’re armed with youthful ignorance, families who are willing to spend a few hours on the phone coaching us through, a 1970 something Earth Bird tiller, and Grampa’s 1950 edition of The Complete Book of Garden Magic

Today was the start–JGL got the Earth Bird going, and if I say so myself, I think this is the start we both needed to jump start the season.  We’re breaking for the rest of the day, but tomorrow we’re tackling the pathways and how we want the garden to flow, and we may even be able to get a few seeds in the ground. 

Until then, we’re soaking up every peice of information we can get, and we’re looking forward to sharing this journey with you!