To say that I’ve been desperate to mulch might just be the understatement of the spring.  There’s just something about putting fresh mulch down that makes everything feel fresh, new, and clean.  Last year we were able to get this task done mid-April, so this year I’ve been feeling incredibly far behind.

But thanks to our ever benevolent neighbor, we were able to mulch this weekend, and the house looks AWESOME!  Fresh, clean, and as I told someone today it looks like real adults live here.  The biggest improvement, by far, though is our carport.  Under most of this mulch is newspaper, cardboard, and other paper products that I’ve been hoarding since December.  The paper products are biodegradable, and they do a bang up job of suppressing weeds.  The only problem is that we needed a place to store all of that paper, and the carport became the natural collection spot.  Which meant that up until Sunday evening, it looked like we were squatters in our very own carport.  I’m proud to say that not only do the gardens look great, we could even host neighbors, friends and family over for an evening on the carport without feeling embarrassed now.  I was even able to get some petunias, impatients and some other fab finds from Lowes potted and looking cute around the carport and backyard.


So now that the outside of the house is looking more like I want it to, this next week of the staycation is going to be focused on getting the inside looking just as refreshed and fabulous.  Here’s to freshening up the Homestead fromt the inside out!


Close to Perfect

Today was as close to perfect as it gets around here.  High sixties, strong winds, infinite blue sky, and two sickies who were still able to knock out a (smallish) to-do list.  Today was the first day that we, in earnest, lined dried clothes, and I think this will mark the start of only using Mother Nature to do that from now until the last warm days of fall.  I also put down the first application of the Mosquito Barrier to help prevent our plants and ourselves from getting eaten alive (and yes, our neighborhood does smell like garlic bread right now).   Negotiations have started with the neighbor regarding the hauling of mulch, as well, so hopefully things will be looking spiffy, neat and tidy soon.

The best part?  I’m here for it all this year!  Ever since we moved into the house I’ve been gone the last two weeks of April when many of these firsts start.  I’m so incredibly grateful to be here to help out, see everything emerge, and to help myself remember how truly beautiful the last few weeks of April can be here in VA.

For now, though, it’s on to make some to-do list for next weekend–here’s to feeling 100% and for sunny skies next Saturday 😉

And we’re back

I know, I know, it’s been a long hiatus since our last update.  In my defence, I was gone for two weeks, and apparently it rained the good majority of the time I was gone.  But this weekend we tackled the yard with a vengeance, thanks to the added deadline of my folks coming to visit at the end of May (which I’m incredibly excited about!).  There’s still lots to be done today, so I’m making this quick, but here’s the list of things accomplished this weekend:

  • One more truck load of mulch procured and spread on the back gardens and then shared amongst the front gardens.
  • Side “kitchen” garden weeded out, re-edged, and mulched; rogue tomato plants thinned, last of the ‘maters went in there.
  • Blueberry bushes weeded and mulched…we have a few berries poking through!
  • Veggie garden weeded; grass clippings spread on the paths; weed-eated along the edges.
  • Cauliflower, cucumbers, acorn squash, one more row of October beans, four more rows of corn, and three rows of pole beans put in the ground!

In addition to that we’ve decided to move forth with line drying all our stuff (in addition to the added benefit of helping the environment, I’m really hoping this helps my wallet this summer!), and I made the executive decision to start making all the household cleaners.  I know it has nothing to do with gardening, but we’ll let you know how all this goes as well 🙂

The photo album is updated so be sure to check it out, and we’ll update more soon!

Mulch-y goodness

I know gardening, for some people, provides a zen-like experience.  For me, I kind of feel like a kamikaze gardener–I get something in my brain that I’m going to do and I do it.  Like the time I made JGL help me rip out all the rhododendron bushes in the front yard.  Or when I thought we should expand the veggie garden.  Or this week, when I had it in my mind that I was going to mulch the front beds.

JGL’s on a golf day today, which is good because I mulch alone.  Not that I don’t enjoy his company, but for whatever reason, I really enjoy the act of mulching, and I really enjoy it when I have the opportunity to do it by myself (weird, I know).  And when I’m feeling like I need to do something meaningful and tangible, mulching does it for me.  So JGL bartered with the neighbor for the use of his truck, and we’re both happy campers about how we spent our Saturdays.

I won’t be able to walk tomorrow, but I am feeling a whole heck of a lot better about myself 🙂

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