Easing back in

Life looks so different now, three years since my last post.  I’ll be super honest–we are walking through one of the most challenging times of my life right now, which in comparison to the the immense sadness in the world right now is nothing, but it is still the challenges we bear day to day.

Looking back, I loved this space because it was a creative outlet for me, and I was so dedicated to it and you all, and I’ve missed you.  But after Tiny Human was born, I just wasn’t creating in the gardens, in the kitchen, or anywhere else that felt significant to me.  And further more, I realized that my job as Tiny’s mom isn’t to write about him online, or post about him online, or create content including him when he doesn’t have a say in that content (more about that later).  His digital identity in a world facing a Revolution as big as the Industrial Revolution or the Enlightenment is a precious commodity, and it’s my job to protect it, not exploit it.  I never want him to find this corner and be embarrassed about what I had to say about his amazing presence in my life.

So I stopped writing.  I stopped creating. My world kept shifting and moving, and I was silent.  And I’ve come to realize that while my corner of the internet isn’t super vast, but it kept me honest, challenged, and motivated.  And while what I have to say is very different today than is was in 2013, I still feel that the roots of this space, creating modern day homemaking, is still very relevant.

So I’m easing back in.  I’m hoping you all are still out there and wanting to engage.  And I hope you’ll drop in as we create, change and evolve here.


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