The Season We Are In

This season of our lives has been challenging because it feels like something new is being thrown at us with every new curve.  So to recap….

  • 2012=new boss for GAL + derecho + getting pregnant
  • 2013=Promotion for GAL + JGL switching careers two weeks before + Tiny Human was born + GAL’s boss who promoted her leaving two weeks after Tiny Human was born + #breastfeedingstruggles + Postpartum Hell Breaking Loose + GAL going back to work full time
  • 2014=JGL getting promoted but wonky work hours + GAL lost all the baby weight + GAL’s grandmother passed + JGL’s Aunt Passed + JGL’s best friend/cousin passed=Tiny Human going to more funerals in a year than years he’s been alive.
  • 2015=GAL’s college/workplace announces it’s closing + GAL looks for new jobs + College is sort of saved, and a lot of shit goes down that we don’t need to dwell on + GAL get’s a dream job an hour away at a amazing University + GAL commutes for a year + JGL leaves his job to renovate his Dad’s childhood home + JGL gets an amazing new job opportunity + We work on the old house to put on the market while we rent JGL’s Dad’s home so we can live closer to work.
  • 2016=Still getting the old homestead on the market + living and working in a new town and trying to feel like we are on stable ground.

Everyone has shit in their lives, and everyone has a moment when they look up to the universe and say, “Ok, thanks but enough!”, and we’re in that space.  Grateful for all the good juju the universe is dishing out, but also ready to feel settled, to put firm roots down, to feel like this crazy chapter is behind us.

On the horizon?

  • We’re living in a teeny tiny house, and I’m trying like hell to make something grow on the porch and to design some flower beds up front.  Excited to share that with you all.
  • After Tiny Human was born, I went full out into essential oils, and while some of my creative homesteading initiatives have fallen to the wayside because of time, this has stuck, and I’m excited to share what works for us.
  • I’ve recently discovered the #planneraddict community, and love taking a creative approach to not just planning my weeks, but documenting our lives in a creative way.  Once my polaroid zip gets here, I’ll show you all some spreads and ideas.
  • More food.  Since the move we have become a bit lazy with the day to day cooking and meal prep.  JGL and I both have some health goals that are food oriented, and we’re excited to put a fresh, local twist on it.

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