Deal of the Week

One of my pet peeves is when things you need are really expensive.  Like medication, or nice lotion, or the good dog food.  I especially feel this way about sunscreen–you need it, but the good stuff is just so expensive.  So I was thrilled with all the couponing blogs I follow blew up the news about great deal at CVS this week–buy two Neutrogena sunscreens and get $10 in extra bucks back.  PLUS, there were two sites that you could print $2 off coupons. ( and

So for $20 (I always do two transactions so I don’t loose track of the extra bucks) we came out with two sunscreens, more eye drops, two Sure deodorants, Diet Pepsi, and a pack of Skittles.  Not to  shabby, folks!


Deal of the Week

Part of my Dog-Mom Day celebration today included strolling through the Kroger in the posh area of town–one of my favorite things to do, and something I rarely get the chance to do.  We turned down the cereal aisle and I saw that the Better Oats oatmeal was on sale 10 for $10.

And then it hit me–I had a $1 off coupon.  FREE OATMEAL!

The deal on pasta is continuing into this week, but if you enjoy oatmeal and have a Kroger near you, here’s the link to get your own coupon.

Cutting Back: Part Two

In an effort to scale back this year, I’m trying to be more conscious about scaling back our grocery lists in a big way.  I’ve always shopped sales and used coupons, but I’m determined not to be an extreme couponer, but be better about stacking the two.

“But GAL, this has nothing to do with your garden!”

Well, yea, I know–you would be correct on that one.  But I’m looking at couponing and sale surfing to be more in line with the concept of being a master chatelaine, or master of my pantry.  And if my pantry is stocked, then I’ll be better equipped to concoct delicious goodness this summer.

Best deal of this week?  Kroger has Rozoni Whole Wheat or Smart Taste Pasta on sale for 99 cents, but if you buy ten or more boxes they reduce it down to 49 cents per box.  This is an awesome sale on it’s own, BUT there are two sites offering $1 off two boxes of pasta ( and  In my attempt to stock our pantry and waning pasta supply, I brought home twenty boxes of pasta, and am seriously considering sending JGL back for more.  It’s the beautiful thing about pasta–it doesn’t go bad!

Happy Sale Snatching!

Happy Easter!

My coupon book ripped this week.  I could probably just tape it up, but I think it’s a sign that I break down and invest in a bigger system (aka, baseball card holders in a three ring binder).  With the wet weather we’ve had this past week and all the craziness at work, I’ve been refocusing some of my energies on organizing my couponing efforts.  My hope (fingers crossed) is that by couponing for our basic items and growing/canning the majority of our own food this summer, we’ll be able to save lots, and lots of money.  And if my math is right, if we do this we’ll be able  to spurge on things like farm fresh eggs and milk.

Which is exactly what we did on Saturday!  Through some crazy coupon stacking we were able to get Seventh Generation dish soap and two packs of gum at Target for 89 cents, and then at CVS I was able to get the twin pack our contact solution for $7 (after extra bucks and coupons).  So what should have cost me about $22, we got for $7.89.  Not too shabby, and as a reward (and because the kid selling them was too damn cute) we got fresh farm eggs for omelets on this beautiful Easter Sunday.

So I hope your day was filled with as much love and family as ours was–Happy Easter from the L. Homestead!