Trellising Cucumbers

I wasn’t sure how having our cucumber plant in the front flower bed was going to look or if it would even produce.  I’ve been pleasantly surprised, though–while it’s been slow going, the cucumbers look great, and are climbing nicely.  There are loads of flowers, and I’m hoping that in a few weeks we’ll start to see some substantial fruit emerge.

The trickiest part has been helping the vines get started upwards–at first it wanted to head out towards the front of the flower bed, but after encouraging it upwards it did finally start to climb up.  I have high hopes for more pickles this year, so here’s to hoping that they continue to do well!


Shuck this!

I like to think that I’m well-educated and mindful enough to know how long something takes to make and how much it will make.  So when I took that picture of the beautiful basket of peas last night, I thought to myself, “we’ll shuck these bad boys while JGL watches Lost, it’ll take no time at all, and then we’ll have peas for tomorrow and peas to freeze!”

Exactly halfway through the epic and long series ender of Lost later, I was just finishing the shucking, and hadn’t even made my way to freezing; there was also exactly one pound of peas sitting in front of me.  One freaking pound.

Let me preface this story with the fact that I don’t remember fresh peas being served at meals when I was growing up in MA.  We would pick big paper grocery bags full of them, and promptly sit some where and eat the whole bag.  Unless I’m remembering completely wrong here (and I’m sure my mother will correct me if I’m wrong (;), peas were more like natures candy grab bag, and less of something to save for later. 

So last night once everything was in the freezer for the first round of freezing was completed (today I’ll be bagging the pound up, marking, and putting it away for later), I plopped down on the couch, literally with green thumbs in tow, and sighed.  JGL (at the commercial break) leaned over and say, “I’m sorry–I know that was a lot of work for not a lot of peas.”

And let me tell you, it was–we planted them back in March, made trellises once, and now twice, diligently put up a fence to keep critters out, and spent an hour of so last night lifting the vines on to the new trellises, picking all the way.  It’s taken three months and several long hours to get a pound of peas.  Peas that if we go up to our neighborhood big box grocery store will be 98 cents a pound, frozen (I know this because if the nature’s candy binge picture I painted for you above didn’t spell it out, I EAT PEAS WITH EVERYTHING).

I looked at him, smiled and sighed again and said, “I’m not.”

I like to think I’m well-educated and mindful enough to know long something takes to make.  I obviously have a lot more learning to do.

The Great Pea Collaspe of 2010

One of the things I love the most about Virginia are the crazy rain storms that start to make their way through this time of year.  Two weeks ago or so we had the first one of them come through, and it was a doosy.  The skys blackened up, the winds howled, and the thunder just rolled back and forth between the mountains.  It was awesome!

Or so I thought until I made it home.  By the time I made it back to the L. abode, the rain had subsided so I made may way back to the garden to see what was new.  What I encountered was all of our beautiful peas sidways on the ground.  When we first put the trellises us, we never once considered what high winds might do to them. 

We’ve managed to get them somewhat upright again, but I was still worried that they wouldn’t produce.  Tonight, I was pleasantly proven wrong 🙂


This weekend is cut a little short by the fact that I have to work (as I’m typing we’re waiting on a student’s flight to leave Charlotte so I can go pick her up at the airport), so we knew this morning was going to be the only time we’d get both of us out in the yard. 

I’m very proud to say that in a four hours span, we accomplished quite a bit!  JGL cleaned off the back porch, worked on the car port, AND did a majority of the weeding in the front gardens.  I planted a third row of peas, and got up all the trellises I needed to (for now!).