Black Out

Right now I should be on a porch with a cocktail enjoying the sun slowly setting on the pond. Instead we’re sweltering in the heat waiting for the power to come back on while JGL takes claims left and right.

Not quite the vacation we were hoping for.

But here in our corner of SWVA we have a lot to be thankful for during this Black out of 2012. Our home was not damaged, we had minimal clean up, and while we are living out of coolers and triaging the freezer on a daily basis, friends with power have been so kind to offer us freezer space, and we’ve found ways to keep our cell phones up and running (thus the post today). We are so, so lucky.

AEP, our power company, is promising power by the weekend, and if that is in fact the case I will be pleasantly surprised–I’ve never seen damage like this first hand (power line after power line torn out of the ground and tree covered), and cannot imagine the manpower it will take to clean up both on the scene and in the dispatch room. And as the daughter of a 40 year power utility dispatcher, I certainly understand the magnitude of what this means in terms of restoration. It’s not much, but if anyone from AEP makes their way to this corner of the Internet, thank you for your time, dedication, and service. We here at the Homestead (and our neighborhood) appreciate all of your efforts, and hope you all stay safe during the next several weeks.

More to come as we have better access to technology of pictures, roughing it recipes, and how we’re attempting to stay cool. In the meantime, though, if you have power, enjoy it! An if you’re in our situation as well, stay safe and cool!


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