To say that the past week was a whirlwind is a gross understatement.  There was a “quick” journey north to visit family and attend the wedding of a dear high school friend, a stomach bug that jumped on board unbeknown to me in VA and traveled up to NH, a Dad who made the connection that tablet meant iPad and yes I could use my iPad to read his “This Old House,” and the list goes on and on.

A crazy week, yes, but a very, very good week.

And the countertop man came yesterday to get the official measurements in the kitchen and the bathroom–huzzah!  After a lot of research and a bang up deal at the Home Depot, we decided to go for a solid surface countertop in both the kitchen and the bathroom (Samsung’s Staron in Bright White).  We did both the kitchen and the bath because our kitchen is so small it lacked the required countertop square footage for a) our more local home store to even look at doing the job and b) in order to get the free sink we needed the extra square footage.  What we’re telling folks at all of the cocktail parties we’re going to is that we’re doing it to help create a cohesive feel in our small humble abode, not that we’re cheap.

We’re totally just cheap.

And the countertop man was great–on time, professional, and willing to answer our questions.  The only snafu that he shared was that our current countertop is not solid, and as such our new countertop will either have to be molded to fit the current design (at a more expensive price), or we can simply just put the solid surface on top without molding it, raising our current countertop 3/4 of an inch. If we go with this option, we are going to have to take some existing tiles out of our wall and either cut tiles to put in, or add a decorative backsplash to fit.

So do remember that part where a) we’re totally cheap, and b) I just had almost an entire year of This Old House handed to me?

I’m considering using corks to DIY a cork backsplash.  I cut one up this morning and used craft glue to stick it to the existing tile, but the juries still out.  It certainly would be incredibly cost effective and solve our backsplash problem, and I love the idea of using something that we have on hand and means something to us to integrate that into the house.  I just worry that it’s not going to look right in our matchy-matchy white-on-white kitchen.



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