Drop in the bucket

I have a small obsession with rain barrels.  I love the concept of not wasting one drop of water, and having a seemingly ever ready supply even in the heat of the summer.  Ever since we installed the one out back last summer, I knew I wanted another one up front so I wouldn’t be shlepping my watering pail all over the back forty.  The one out back has worked beautifully–the only issue we’ve had is after this winter the plastic downspout that came with it broke off.  Other than that, it collects the water beautifully, and I am ever grateful that JGL installed superfluous gutter on our shed just so I could have it out back.

This latest rain barrel is the same model as the one from last year, but has the updated “diverter pro” water diverter box.  It was cheaper than the older model, and it was suppose to keep excess leaves and debris out of the barrel, which sounded like a great deal to me.  About a month ago the downspout sheared off in the same way the old one did, but then after that it seemed like the diverter box wasn’t collecting as much rain water as the one in the back.  We’ve tried changing the angle of the piping, adding a piece of plastic to help the water divert towards the barrel.  And you know what worked best in the end?

Plastic wrap.  Good ole plastic wrap.  I inserted it with the diverter as shown above, and then when I clasped on the plastic front, I lifted it up so that all the water coming down would have to go through the diverter, not anywhere else.

Certainly not a permanent solution, but one that seems to be working in the short term.


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