Inside and Out

At the end of this month we will have lived in this house for five years.  It feels like it was just yesterday that we shlepped our stuff from our 4th story attic apartment into what, at the time, felt like a huge home.  It’s hard to even imagine this place before I ripped every bush and plant out of the front yard.

The House, 2007


The House, 2012

We tackled the outside with a vengeance because honestly the inside was move in ready, save some pretty tremendous wallpaper and unseemly wiring issues.  But 5 years, two dogs, and a pretty constant stream of projects later, we’re ready to start tackling some different projects here at the homestead.  I’ll update you all on JGL’s fence project soon, but we should *fingers crossed* be starting on some inside bathroom and kitchen renovations shortly.  Countertops are ordered, flooring is purchased, and JGL and I just need to make our final to-dos.

It’s going to be fun summer inside and out, and we appreciate you all being along for the ride!


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