This past month has been a whirlwind between work, home, and more work.  But here’s what I’ve neglected to share in a nutshell….

I survived my first April as an admissions event planner, presented for the first time at a conference, and saw Bill Nye the Science Guy at a crazy Engineering College Fair.

We’ve harvested peas, carrots, salad radishes, strawberries, canned berries, and finally, FINALLY planted all of the tomatoes in the side gardens and the back garden.

We watched one of our favorite classes graduate–we’re so proud of all of our “SB Daughters”!

Figured out that when you combine the Michael Buble, Coldplay and Yellow Ledbetter Pandora radio stations magic happens…who knew?

And we’re starting to see the signs of summer harvest.  Hoping to have some delicious goodness up here on the blog soon

We joined a CSA with friends from work.  I’m so excited to see what this means for this summer–so far, delicious cabbage and eggs.  This week peas, strawberries, more eggs, and salad.  Pictures to follow.

JGL is teaching me to golf.  It’s not pretty–yet.

Because I’m trying new things and being braver, I broke down and got myself the whiskey barrel planter I’ve always wanted.

And the biggest news on the horizon is that we’re attempting to tackle some inside projects–bathroom first, and then we’ll see where we go from there.  Lots going on, and still more to do!


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