Blessings of working at the local college:

  1. I still get to go to lectures and such and it is encouraged (like the Joel Salatin lecture I have failed to blog about yet)
  2. There is still that childlike glimmer of hope that a snow day could be in our future
  3. Yesterday they gave us notice of a two hour delay before I even had dinner on the table–Huzzah!

Now how we got to said snow delay is still boggling my mind a bit.  Saturday was 60 plus degrees outside–I was working in the kitchen garden beds in a long sleeved button up with a fleece vest and almost got a little warm.  My daffodils opened up to say hello to the mass groupings of crocuses I keep posting about.    I’m pretty sure that the woodland creatures of our forest did a chorus line in celebration of the springtime wonderland that was the outdoors.

And then a storm shifted in the just the right way so that we had copious amounts of fresh, beautiful snow instead of the cold, gross rain we’ve become accustom to.  While I feel a little bad for the crocuses, daffodils, and the woodland creatures, I’ve been telling them “it’s too early” for a while now (told you so!).  I’m hoping that a nice two or three day melt will give the gardens an added boost of moisture, plus it’s just plain pretty right now.  We’ll check out the damage that may be underneath next week when it’s all gone but in the meantime, we’re just having fun and taking advantage of the delay.


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