Begun the Garden War Has!

We’ve been enjoying greens from our cold frame for weeks now.  And with the abnormally warm weather, they have been just exploding in number.  The shallot greens are in the same boat–we’ve been using those instead of scallions or chives in a lot of our recipes.  It still might be brown and dormant outside, but life abounds in the frames.

Last weekend JGL posted a picture of dinner, which also included a fresh cold frame salad, and one of my favorite professors at my place of employment quickly posted “Fresh lettuce? Begun the garden war has!”.   We got a good chuckle out of both the thought of a gardening war and the clever Yoda reference, but later that evening JGL said, “Crap.  This means we have to step up our game, don’t we?”

Yes, JGL, it sure does.  I have full faith that the good Professor is going to kick our sorry gardening butts, but we’ve got to give it a good ole college try, right?  Right!

Having never been in said Gardening War, I’m not exactly sure what it entails.  However, lists are being drafted, the Farmer’s Seed and Supply store was scoped out today, and once these cold frames are installed, it’s on like Donkey Kong.  Challenge Accepted!  😉


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