Things that make you go ewww…

I think my mom still is a little grossed out by the fact that I don’t use bleach in our house.  She’s especially squeamish about our kitchen sink, and no matter how many times I assure her that it is clean I think she needs the bleach as a comfort blanket of cleaners.  More aptly, bleach is to my parents what Windex is to the family in My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

Yesterday I had a whole raw turkey in our sink, and when all was said and done and the turkey was in the oven, the sink/counters required disinfecting/cleaning.  In a past life I would have reached for bleach and had a field day (and subsequently a huge headache), but yesterday we did a combo of hydrogen peroxide, my homemade lemon all purpose cleaner, baking soda to scrub the sink, and then red thyme oil in the sink.  What that combo does is disinfect and deep cleans effectively, but it does so using ingredients that are not as toxic as bleach, and are relatively cheap.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’ll never go back to using the other mainstream cleaners, and I’ll certainly never go back to using bleach.  Even just walking through that aisle in the grocery store brings on a twinge of a headache if I linger too long, and their simply not as effective as the homemade stuff.

So never fear, Mom–I promise e coli is not running rampant amongst the house, and I promise we’re keeping it clean here at the homestead.

(and more to come on the turkey soon!)



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