Fighting Daylight

I’m struggling here at the Homestead.

I know, poor pitiful me who was able to take a week off of work and go hang out with my family.  Life’s so not hard for me. But truth be told, I’m really having a heck of a time getting back into the rhythm of things here–I’m getting up late in the mornings, going to bed early, and I blame this whole lack of light thing while I’m at home.  It’s just barely bright when I leave, and it’s definitely dark when I come come.  And what I really want to do most is take pictures of the cold frame and the lettuce that is THRIVING outside despite the hard frosts, or to try and capture the holiday smorgasbord that has become our neighborhood.

Old man winter has just barely settled in, and I’m already itching to get out.

I have to remember that this is truly a perfect time to plan, a time to till up the back garden, a time snag manure at the barn here at work to put in said tilled garden, to make seed catalog lists, to install the freecycled grow lamp Dad passed down to us, and to map out what exactly everything will look like so we’re ready when the spring will eventually hit.  But that’s all weekend warrior stuff–so for now during the 9-5 rush I’m relishing sun soaked lunch-time walks at work, being very thankful for not one, but TWO windows in my office, and also trying to remember that we can find gardening bliss even in the smallest of Solo Cups–and as long as I have that, Old Man Winter’s got nothing on this GAL!



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