Cran-Apple Sauce

There are several things I miss about living New England, including a white Thanksgiving, using your garage/mudroom/outside space as a spare refrigerator during the holiday season, and the varieties of Apples I have a hard time finding in VA.  There’s more, but these three were glaringly obvious this past week as we spent the Thanksgiving Holiday with my side of the family.

My folks are fixing up an old farm house, and their mudroom is just glorious.  Not only does it get cold enough to truly serve as a spare fridge, they also have a ton of apples in storage out there.  We’ve been snacking on my favorites, MacIntoshes and Cortlands, and making pies and apple pie cake in the spare moments in between.  And thanks to a fire sale of cranberries at the grocery store we were able to make Cran-Apple Sauce, a long standing family favorite.

I very vividly remember coming home from school in the afternoon and Dad having a pot of apple sauce bubbling away on the stove, and there was nothing like a warm bowl of apple sauce after a particularly cold hockey practice or a rough day at school.  This is another one of these recipes that doesn’t have specific measurements and you can adjust it to taste, and if you feel particularly resourceful it cans beautifully.

Cran-Apple Sauce

Apples, peeled and cored,  to fill a large pot about 3/4 full

1 bag of cranberries

1 cup apple cider

About 1-2 cups sugar

Splash of lemon juice

Cinnamon, Nutmeg, ginger to taste

Add apples, lemon juice and cider to the pot and bring to a boil; reduce to a simmer, and add sugar, spices, and cranberries.  Stir and cook down until apples and cranberries are tender (at this stage, you can leave it on the stove on low for a few hours if need be).  Run mixture through a food mill–best when served warm!


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