Basil Pesto

We had a ton of basil.  It was a staple in our herb garden this year, and the plants were plentiful and prolific.  As the weather started to get cooler, I was doing everything I could to prevent a frost from getting in and taking out the remainder of the plants.  Even as we had hard frosts, I was covering the plants every night with towels to nurse them through to the last big get together at our house when we had the field hockey team over for homemade pizza.

But last weekend was it–we had to get them up and out.  So what do you do with a ton of basil? PESTO!  And it really could not be easier.  We ended up with a little over four cups of basil leaves, so combining about a cup of toasted walnuts, about 6 cloves of garlic, a good handful of parmesan cheese, and enough olive oil to make the whole mixture smooth while whipping it around the food processor created a delicious basil pesto.  It made a ton of it, so we froze the majority of it.  On the half cup we didn’t freeze, we’ve been putting it on pizza, pasta, anything that needed that salty, garlicky goodness on it.



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