Wrapping up

It feels like the season is starting to wind down–flowers are fading, plants are starting to close up shop, and the last of our vegetables are starting to ripen and turn.  The weather has been deliciously coo, and while I’ll miss the steady influx of fruits and veggies, we’re ready here for a change of pace.

Two things with fall this year–first of all, I’m committing to really completing the fall clean up.  Often we fall really short on wrapping up on all of the things that need to be focused on this time of year–cleaning out flower beds, emptying flower pots gone by, and the like.  Then by next spring what could have been a smaller task becomes a huge deal.  No more–we’re going to get organized, and the house is going to look awesome for it!  On my fall list that I’m working on I’ve got my eye on the kitchen garden and getting the cold frame ready for some late fall salads, tilling the back garden are prepping it for the winter, and finding more spring bulbs to get into the front beds.

My second thought about fall this year is that I often forget the power that a change of season can bring.  I bought some flowering plants at Lowes earlier in the season on their 90% off discount rack.  We brought them back to life, and they flowered once, but then seemed to go dormant again.  In cleaning out the flower pots in the carport, I found that the cooler temperatures have brought the plant back to life yet again–it’s grown back and started to flower again.  I transplanted it up front, and fingers crossed that it continues to showcase it’s beautiful flowers.  It’s a nice reminder that no matter what time of year or what part of your life you’re in, new growth is always possible.  Not bad for ten cents, eh?


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