Freezing Jalapenos

We had more jalapenos hanging from our poor little plant than we knew what to do with.  And waay out back we have more extra hot peppers than we can truly handle (although the second round of them haven’t ripened yet).  So after some Googling and researching, I learned today that freezing hot peppers does not reduce their heat, and is actually a really great way to store our excess peppers.

The process was the same for both the extra hot and the regular peppers–after getting washed and patted dry, I sliced them open and cleaned out the seeds using my favorite pepper tool:  the grapefruit spoon.  For the extra hot peppers I was careful to remove all of the pith and all of the seeds.  With the jalapenos I wasn’t as picky.

aAfter that, I sliced and diced until all we had left was a finely diced pepper pile.  I used a mug to hold the plastic freezer baggie open while I loaded it up, which proved to be incredibly helpful.

All in all, the processing and packing took maybe a half hour.  There are still more peppers on both plants that aren’t quite ready yet, so I’m hoping that if they do make it to maturity we’ll be able to repeat the process and just add on to these already frozen baggies.  I’m excited to have “fresh” hot peppers to spice up our mid winter chilies and soups!





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