Stuffed Shells

Fall is slowly but surely staring to creep in–field hockey practices have started, football is on the TV, the mornings are gloriously cool, and the farmers market is  starting to be filled with apples and fall treats, like butternut squash.

For me, the start of fall is when I start craving some major comfort food–cheesy baked goodness, really.  Of late I’ve really wanted stuffed shells, but a certain dear husband of mine doesn’t like them.  Or butternut squash.  So tonight while I’m bach-ing it for the evening, I decided to combine the two, and man is it good!  I whipped up some homemade ricotta with skim milk (not quite as good/rich as the batch made with half and half–surprise, surprise, I know!), added some savory rosemary and thyme, stuffed the shells and laid them on top of a layer of petitie diced butternut squash.  The whole thing got a good dose of tomato sauce, and then some mozzarella cheese.   I didn’t have a recipe, but the method was simple enough, and let me tell you the house smelled absolutely DELICIOUS, and the shells 100% hit the spot!  Can anyone say lunch for the rest of the week?  😉


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