Food Joy

I don’t hide the fact, and neither does JGL, that we’re full-fledged bona fide Weight Watchers.  I’ve been at goal for a little over four years, and JGL is slowly but surely smashing through his small goals and can see marked progress with how he feels and looks–if he’s not at goal by the end of the year, I’ll be shocked.  I love the meetings, JGL…he indulges me.  The past few weeks, though, our fellow WW’s seem almost bitter about being on WW, and not really embracing the fact that they’re enrolled in a program that is a full lifestyle change, and is still pretty damn delicious.  A few weeks ago there was a rant about butter.  Yup, butter.  And granted, I get it–this time of year there are super sized ice cream delights partnered with deliciously fatty barbecue fare, and I even saw a 24 pack of variety beer labeled as a Summer Survival pack–and it looked AMAZING.  If you’re watching your weight, this time of year can be almost more tricky than the holidays.

And again, I get it–been there, done that, and have been very angry that I have to be really careful of what I put in my mouth while others keep their slim waistlines just by existing.  But JGL and I both agreed after today’s meeting that this time of year for us is not filled with that awful dread that comes with food you know is not good for you, or the frustration for lack of choices that taste good–for us, summer is pure food joy.  Currently sitting in our kitchen is a 1/2 peck of peaches, blackberries, fresh hickory peach salsa I whipped up, and cherry and heirloom tomatoes.  And cherries, glorious cherries that were on super sale!  And with the exception of the salsa, all of these gorgeous goodies are, wait for it, 0 points plus (the salsa by itself is about 1 points plus per serving since the only thing that has points in it is olive oil).

I’m obviously obsessed about food, how it gets to my table, and how I can make it better.  I’m not sure if the reason the collective “we” is so frustrated because we as the average every day Americans have very much lost touch with the basic fact that food is fuel, and the fact that it tastes good at all is very much an added bonus.   I am so grateful not only for Weight Watchers and how it gave me my health back, but for all of the fresh, local and delicious food sources that we have here in our own back yard, and just down the road at the Farmer’s Market.   I guess I get frustrated because I want others to have a positive experience with programs like WW, and I hate hearing that folks are frustrated with their food choices when such amazing options are truly in their back yard.

That’s the brain food I’ve been chewing on today–I’d love to hear any thoughts if you’re mentally chewing on something similar!


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