Back at the Homestead…

I’m always amazed at what a difference a week makes in July.  When I left, the tomatoes barely had flower buds on them, and now, now they look like this

The weather right now is also helping our plants just leap out of the ground–it’s hot, hot, hot, and humid, meaning lots of heat and sun during the day, and good old fashion rains at night.  I just finished watering the whole kitchen garden and then some, I’m hoping to see some massive progress with these tomatoes and beans over the next few weeks.  There doesn’t seem to be the blossom rot that there was last year (knockonwood!), so heres to hoping that adding all those egg shells to the soil when we first dug up the kitchen garden helped to give all these plants the calcium that they needed.

In other gardening news, the flowers are just popping out front, and I’m really pleased how everything is finally starting to fill in and look.  I’m really proud of how all of our hard work is starting to pay off, and I hope the neighbors are happier now that things are looking better.

As JGL and I both dive head first into work this week, I know we’re excited to get some time together this weekend.  Aaand a certain husband promised a trip to the farmers market after WW on Saturday…get excited!



2 thoughts on “Back at the Homestead…

  1. Steve says:

    Your tomato fruit and leaves look wonderful! It looks like your eggshells and whatever else your are feeding them is doing a great job!

    How do you feed them?

    Not to slight your Echinacea, it looks great, too! 🙂

    • GAL says:

      Thank you so much for your kind comment–we really do appreciate it! We’ve been using Peter’s plant food about once a week, and then using the water from our rain barrel and our dehumidifier every day. There’s rumor of late blight being here in VA, so we’re really trying to make sure we’re doing everything we can to keep them healthy and producing for as long as we can. Hope all of your gardening adventures are going well!

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