Peach Ice Cream, Part 1

It’s been a busy last week of staycation here at the homestead–we had my folks visit for a few days, there were projects to wrap up, and this has been the first week that I’ve started to slow down.  I even was able to sit down and read for a bit last night, which I was thrilled to be able to do.

The most exciting part of this week, however, was the realization that early peaches here in Virginia are in.  And let me tell you, they are DELICIOUS!  We picked up some white peaches from my favorite orchard up in Nelson County earlier this week, and yesterday when I went blueberry picking with my neighbor we discovered that they had a beautiful array of seconds for just under $7.  To say that we have peaches coming out of our ears is an understatement!

And since I just can’t help myself, I have close to twenty pounds of peaches in my fridge, on my counter…it kind of looks like we have peaches coming from every which way.  I’m working up a cobbler recipe, but in the meantime  I’ve whipped up the bases for what looks to be an amazing peach ice cream.

I make homemade ice cream most every summer, and every time I’m just so struck at how long it takes.  It’s not about whipping up a bunch of ingredients, throwing them in the churn and BOOM you’re done.  Ice cream takes time.  Time well worth it, but time.  So this morning when I got back ironically from my Weight Watcher’s meeting, I started on the two bases with the hopes that we’ll be able to have this ready to churn tonight after dinner.

Most ice creams that I’ve made in the past have had one base.  This one, however, has two separate ones–the milk/cream base and then the fruit base.  Later tonight we’ll combine the two bases together in the churn to create the peach ice cream.  From there, the possibilites are endless–peach shakes, peach pops, peach ice cream sandwiches, or my personal favorite, just straight from the container.

Recipe and final product to come soon!


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