Nothing Sadder Than a Dog That Won’t Run…

I got horribly sick about three days after bringing Lucy home.  I mean miserable flu/head cold/sinus infection/just want to curl up and sleep all day kind of sick.  I lived for the moments when she would sleep–because when puppies sleep, they SLEEP.  I could pick her up, carry her around the house, move her in and out of her crate and she just slept through it all (aka, I could sleep/wrap presents/clean the house, have a dance party, etc etc).  But when she was awake…it was Puppy Watch 2008, constantly.

In those waking hours with my head full of sick, I would call JGL and beg him to come home from work, I would call my mother on the phone in tears begging her to come down for Christmas (to which I got the “You wanted a puppy, GAL…” lecture), I was desperate for anything legal to make the dog sleep.  And when I finally started to feel better, we started walking, because if I walked with her enough, she slept more.  I had started our venture with these dreams of running with my steadfast and ever ready pal, but I was too out of shape to run.   But that was all poor Lucy wanted to do–she would pull, and pull and pull until a) we had to get a gentle leader, and b) we had to get a gentle leader because my arm was almost getting pulled out of the socket.  So we walked, and walked, and walked until I couldn’t walk any more.  Six months later before her first car ride to New England, I literally walked over 10-14 miles with her in one day just to try to make it through the car ride up (which much to my chagrin, the kid was still wide awake the whole way through).  Lucy, like Ricky Bobby, was just born to go fast.

So when JGL and I started training for a 5K a few months ago, I thought to myself, “Great!  I’ll get back in running shape, and then once I can go a good distance, we’ll start bringing Lucy along!”  Which I did, about three weeks ago.  It was relatively warm out, and about 10 minutes into the run, Lucy quit on me.  We cut the run short, turned it into a walk, and I chalked it up to the heat.

The 5K was two weeks ago, I took a break from running, and this morning decided it was time to start again.  With Lucy.  And for the first half of our 3 mile jaunt, she was awesome–we had rhythm, pace, and we were both feeling so good that we just might run the whole thing, no breaking to walk.  And then she started to slow down during the song on the iPod when we were suppose to speed up, and then the poor thing pooped out on me again.

By the time we got home, she just spread herself out on the coolest piece of floor she could find and panted.  Yes, Dear, I did break the dog again.  I’m not sure what is sadder–that I’m in better shape than my dog, or that I let my dog get out of shape.  Either way, we’re hitting the pavement again bright and early tomorrow.

Please don't make me go again...

Needless to say, we don’t have working dogs here at the homestead!


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