To say that I’ve been desperate to mulch might just be the understatement of the spring.  There’s just something about putting fresh mulch down that makes everything feel fresh, new, and clean.  Last year we were able to get this task done mid-April, so this year I’ve been feeling incredibly far behind.

But thanks to our ever benevolent neighbor, we were able to mulch this weekend, and the house looks AWESOME!  Fresh, clean, and as I told someone today it looks like real adults live here.  The biggest improvement, by far, though is our carport.  Under most of this mulch is newspaper, cardboard, and other paper products that I’ve been hoarding since December.  The paper products are biodegradable, and they do a bang up job of suppressing weeds.  The only problem is that we needed a place to store all of that paper, and the carport became the natural collection spot.  Which meant that up until Sunday evening, it looked like we were squatters in our very own carport.  I’m proud to say that not only do the gardens look great, we could even host neighbors, friends and family over for an evening on the carport without feeling embarrassed now.  I was even able to get some petunias, impatients and some other fab finds from Lowes potted and looking cute around the carport and backyard.


So now that the outside of the house is looking more like I want it to, this next week of the staycation is going to be focused on getting the inside looking just as refreshed and fabulous.  Here’s to freshening up the Homestead fromt the inside out!


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