PEO Dinner

Tonight was my first solo PEO meeting and there was a “trade a bagged dinner” dinner component.  I was so in love with the shaved asparagus salad I made it again tonight for the dinner.  I also debuted the first batch of strawberry salsa (more on that tomorrow when I get the canner rolling), and the lavender sweet tea.  As I shared with someone tonight, it’s probably a good thing I do work full time because if I didn’t, I would totally spend my days doing stuff like this:

(and did I mention that I did all this cooking and crafting this afternoon in my best 1940’s housewife outfit, my second favorite half apron, heels, and fretting over my parents and friends who were in the path of the nasty Massachusetts tornado?   Good news is the Madre and the Padre are safe and sound, and I didn’t spill any salsa on my shirt.  Victories all the way around!)

Much to my delight the recipient of my bagged dinner loved it, and wanted to swap recipes.  I love it when good, fresh food brings good people together, and gnarly, nasty tornados dodge the ones I love the most!


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