I love lavender.  The color, the smell, the way it lingers in the laundry, the way the leaves feel when you rub them….

I know, I have a problem.  But I just love the stuff!

Last year I finally planted a small plant by our front door, and this spring I was able to add another plant as well.  It’s been thriving, and now that I have a little time to play with it, I’m so intrigued with using lavender in our kitchen.  Growing up there was a tea shop in my town, and the owner made the most delicious chocolate-lavender cake, and I’ve been more than a little obsessed with cooking with it since.  Anything I’ve read has suggested that it goes well with honey, pork, anything sweet (thus the chocolate cake).  Today we started small by starting some lavender sugar (it will have to cure for about two weeks before we use it) and then I steeped some the leaves in a simple syrup and made sweet tea.

The Sweet Tea is delicious with just the right amount of herby goodness, and I do believe the lavender sugar with be amazing in some shortbread cookies, or even mixed in with some lemon zest as a muffin topper.

Endless. Lavender. Possibilities.  EEEE!!!


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