Tree Down

When we moved into the homestead, one of the things I loved the most were the two trees in the backyard.  They provided awesome shade, pretty decent cherries, and in the peak of spring the tree right by the house was always the most beautiful one in the neighborhood.

And then two years ago during a pretty bad storm, this happened:

Thankfully, no flamingos were injured during our natural disaster (nor was our house or our neighbor’s house).

But that was two springs ago, and the tree seemed to be doing well.  Until another huge branch fell down two weeks ago–it was time to call in an expert.  After a lot of hunting around and phone calls, JGL found JC Tree Service, which specializes in Tree Preservation.   JC came out for a consult, and sadly he said the two trees had to go.

So today while I’m fiddling around with my new strawberries, I also have an amazing two man show going on in our back yard.  Thus far they’ve been incredibly efficient and friendly.  But that’s to be expect from a fellow native New Englander!  So, in a shameless plug if you need assistance with your trees, I hope you’ll call on our new favorite Tree Preservationist and check out his website here.

And I’ll be surfing for new ideas for clotheslines–any suggestions are more than welcomed!


So our neighbor took this awesome picture of the tree just as the last branch was standing.  Thanks so much, JW, for sharing!  (and as of 4:44, the trees are down and operation clean-up has commenced–this team has worked so hard for us today, and we are eternally grateful!!).


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