Cutting Back: Part 1

It was a glorious day at the L Homestead on Saturday.  JGL said the five little words I’ve been waiting for ever since we moved into this house:

“Let’s get a reel mower.”

Be still my heart, a GAL powered mower!  I had registered for one when we got married, but everyone just called me foolish and laughed.  I thought about buying one the second summer we where here, but anyone who would listen called me foolish and laughed.  (I’m pretty sure we have a trend when it comes to my hair brained ideas….)

After battling field mice in the mower for the second winter in a row, and a handy dandy sale at our neighborhood Lowes, the reel mower wasn’t just a sound environmental move and new awesome workout regimen, it also will allow us to keep up with Neighbor G. who mows his lawn three times a week when our push mower decides to go on the fritz.

The thing I’m most excited, though, is being able to help with the yard work more.  It’s a huge yard that takes a lot of time to keep up with, and it was awesome when JGL and I were able to bust it all out in about half the time.  Pitching in and keeping it reel have never felt so good!


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