Old Country Roses

Ok, so I have to confess.  This post has nothing to do with gardening, barely anything that I could remotely relate to homesteading, and the Old Country Roses reference?  It’s referring to the Royal Albert China that my scones and tea are in.

I’m one of those crazy people who has been up wicked early to watch the wedding.  And is pretending to be British.

But the reason I’m posting about china and scones and tea is and Royal Dream Weddings is because of WHERE the china came from.  In our home the only piece of furniture that is not a hand-me-down of some sort is our TV stand.  Sad, I know, but really needed the stand and it was at least on sale.  But this china came from my Grandmother, who as my mother confirmed last night was just as fascinated with the Royal Family as I am.   I think if she were still alive that she would have been up with me sipping her tea and commenting about how crazy the hats are.

So Happy Royal Wedding Day, everyone!

(and shameless plug–the tea I’m having this morning is from the fabulous Teasy Teas--AMAZING!  Check them out!)


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