Close to Perfect

Today was as close to perfect as it gets around here.  High sixties, strong winds, infinite blue sky, and two sickies who were still able to knock out a (smallish) to-do list.  Today was the first day that we, in earnest, lined dried clothes, and I think this will mark the start of only using Mother Nature to do that from now until the last warm days of fall.  I also put down the first application of the Mosquito Barrier to help prevent our plants and ourselves from getting eaten alive (and yes, our neighborhood does smell like garlic bread right now).   Negotiations have started with the neighbor regarding the hauling of mulch, as well, so hopefully things will be looking spiffy, neat and tidy soon.

The best part?  I’m here for it all this year!  Ever since we moved into the house I’ve been gone the last two weeks of April when many of these firsts start.  I’m so incredibly grateful to be here to help out, see everything emerge, and to help myself remember how truly beautiful the last few weeks of April can be here in VA.

For now, though, it’s on to make some to-do list for next weekend–here’s to feeling 100% and for sunny skies next Saturday 😉


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