The other two members of the L. Homestead couldn’t be more different–Carson (on the left) is calm, quiet, the consumate gentleman.  Lucy (the yellow one on the right)j is high spirited, super vocal, snuggly and bullish.  Carson has been trusted off leash since I met him; Lucy loves to run, and she loves to make JGL and I chase her up and down the neighborhood.  Neither are great working dogs, although Carson does love to incubate the bulbs in our flower beds.

So we were a little surprised when we couldn’t find Carson this morning.  In our Sunday best JGL and I literally combed the back woods of our our house trying to find buddy boy while Lucy bayed on her lead in the back yard.  I found a few new daffodil bunches, a tree waaaaay out back with initials and the date 7/27/70 marked on it, and did not find a Carson.   After a good 30 minute search, Carson finally made his way back to the house unscathed.

He knew he was in trouble, and it looked eerily similar to this…

I’m still not sure if this is wanderlust in Carson’s old age, or if maybe buddy’s hearing is going or what, but either way we’re glad he’s back safe and sound.   Lucy’s just glad she got a free pass today 😉


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