Making Progress

This past weekend was an incredible one for being outside and digging, digging, digging.  I didn’t get the pictures that I wanted with “final” photos because our adventures Sunday ended when is started rain.  BUT, there were lots of exciting steps forward

  • The final kitchen garden boxes were dug and placed!  We also added some topsoil to each to help break up some of that red clay, and in the far box we planted some spinach, lettuce, and peas
  • JGL got the antenna up an functioning in the attic (I know, I know, not quite a gardening update, but I’m counting it since the antenna is out of my front garden!)
  • JGL also installed gutter on the shed and hooked up my beautiful rain barrel.  I’m SOO excited to take pictures of this to show you all–it’s going to really change how we’re able to keep the back garden watered and thriving
  • I made the executive decision to bring our seedlings inside.  It’s been so fickle with having enough sunshine to make the cold frame work effectively, and we really need the tomato plants to start germinating now so they’ll be big enough to plant when that time comes.



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