“I was telling a co-worker all about how I have this Tree Hugger for a Daughter….”

I got the above line in an e-mail from Dear Old Dad last week, and he officially called me the T-word…a Tree Hugger.  When I called to call him out on it, he just laughed and said, “but dear, YOU ARE a hippy!”

So I started thinking about it…yes, I make my own cleaners for the house, JGL and I are working on getting rid of our cable, the only piece of furniture we have actually purchased new was our TV stand–everything else has been beautiful hand-me-downs (which a) we are eternally grateful for and b) we realize how ironic it is that we’ve only bought the tv stand new and now we’re getting rid of cable), I spend an inordinate amount of time trying to grow things and grow them organically,  and I’m constantly on some crusade to add more whole wheat or eat more locally….

And the more I thought about it, it’s not so bad being a the T-Word.

So thanks, Dad, for raising me to be the fabulous Tree Hugger I’ve come to be.  Looking forward to showing you and Mom the updates we’ve made to the L. Homestead WHEN you come down in May!


And as a special treat for any of you all who have wanted to start “greening’ your homes more, here’s an interesting look at how one New Hampshire family is homesteading in a greener/cheaper manner.



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