Dreaming of Basil

Nothing was as good as walking out onto the carport last summer and snipping some fresh basil for…well, anything!  This year I have dreams of expanding our little kitchen garden into a full fledged herb garden.  With the help of our raised bed boxes, I’m hoping it will not only be delicious, but pretty as well.

So last night we had the fire on, and I was in full on Nerd Mode–researching herb garden plans (which I found a fabulously easy one at Mother Earth News!), tweaking to scale models, and making copious notes.  Newest plant I’m geeking out about?  Nasturtium–all the parts are edible, and you can pickle the seed pods to create a caper-esque experience.  The kind I picked up during our weekend outings can be trained up a trellis, but also can trail over containers, or in our case, the planters themselves.  I think I’m in love!


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