Daffodils and Dog Hair

These were the two things I found when getting ready for work this morning–a beautifully brave daffodil in the front flower bed that opened up in the middle of the unseasonably warm night, and Lucy.

Lucy, Lucy, Lucy.  That crazy yellow dog has been shedding like a maniac.  Our house is constantly full of little (or in some cases large) yellow tumbleweeds that come together almost instantaneously.  She has always shed, but this year it has been the worse that we’ve ever seen it.

Now, there are fabulous garden uses for the dog hair–helps deter deer and bunnies, and you can apparently compost it.

But this time of year, we’re just doing all we can to get rid of it.  I swear, if I could find a legit use for copious amounts of dog hair (dog hair rug, dog hair poncho, dog hair booties), I’d be a rich woman.  But for now, we’re letting it ride on the warm breezes across the neighborhood.  A little Lucy Love for everyone!



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