Cutting Back

Sometimes I feel incredibly ingrown, especially this time of year.  I’m so wrapped up in every little detail at work, home, and all the spaces in between that any little thing chafes or rubs the wrong way.  And being this chafed all the time isn’t healthy for anyone.

Today was the first day in what feels like forever that was actually warm enough to do something outside, and I was feeling well enough to do it.  So what do we do?  We tackle the most ingrown project of all here at the L Homestead–the rosebush.  I got half way through and realized that I should have taken pictures before, but trust me–it wasn’t pretty.  Gnarled and knotted together, it was amazing that I could get in at all to prune it (which is what I get for not pruning last year).

I started in the back, and snipped, cussed, and pruned until none of the canes touched or rubbed together no matter how much the wind blew or how much I shimmied and shook the plant.  I filled a whole tall trash can full of the excess baggage I had allowed that bush to carry for over a year, and while it looks puny and naked now, I know in a few months the rosebush will have enough “room to groove” and the blooms will be infinitely more beautiful and plentiful than if I let it continue to grow in on itself.

That’s the thing about pruning–it seems drastic and severe when you first do it.  But if you can cut away the excess–all the things that you think you need and makes you feel full–you’ll give yourself the chance to grow in ways you didn’t think possible.


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