Brightening Life

“Wine brightens the life and thinking of anyone.”
Thomas Jefferson

When we moved here to the L Homestead there was an unruly grape vine in the back yard.  I’ve been going through the old pictures from when we first moved in, but there’s no pictures of just how unruly it was.  We finally decided to pull it up and out since it was severely overgrown and the arbor it had been built on was rotting to it’s core.  We’ve replaced it with blueberry bushes, but on days like today I wonder if we made the right move with it.

We are incredibly lucky to live in Thomas Jefferson’s backyard, and we certainly benefit from his love of gardening and cultivating incredible wines.  Our part of Virginia is well known for it’s incredible vistas and rocky mountainous terrain, which also lends itself to exceptional winemaking.  Today we ventured up to Nelson County and stopped at what is becoming my favorite local vineyard, Veritas, to celebrate a dear friend’s birthday.  I am always taken aback with the beauty of of the vineyard and  the knowledgable and friendly staff.

About halfway through the tasting I starting thinking how cool it would be to run an operation like that, and did we really make the right move when we took out that grapevine two years ago?  In all honestly, I’m probably better off leaving the wine making to the experts, but in this quest to eat more local, I’m happy to have such awesome experts at our disposal.

Next mission next time we’re up there is to take some pictures.  Crazy to think that the next time we’re up there we’ll probably have seeds in the ground…spring is almost here!


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