Baby it’s cold outside…

…or at least it will be again this week.  We’ve been spoiled this weekend with near 50 degree weather–if I closed my eyes and let myself forget that it was January, it almost felt like the beginning of March.  But the freezing temperatures and ice will be returning this week, as will my day dreams of getting back into the garden.

One of the bright ideas that I’ve been dreaming about lately that we came up with during our Northeastern Holiday was cold frames.  I saw them in my new gardening book, and after throwing out the idea to JGL and Dad, we realized we had an outstanding opportunity to recycle and create something cool.  We replaced all of our windows this fall, and had yet to recycle or get rid of the old windows.  What crucial element does one need to make a cold frame work?

Glass, or in our case, windows.  We have yet to construct these yet, but the plan is to take the old windows and make a few cold frames near the house, and then to take the remainder of them and put them in the garden once it’s tilled so that we can start our seeds outside (and try to prevent the forest of seedlings inside like we had last year).

When will the cold frames get in?  Not quite sure yet, but hopefully soon!


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