Poor Man’s Fertilizer

I’m currently sitting the Philly Airport, and gardening seems to be the furthest thing from where I am right now.  There’s some pretty disgruntled travelers, a concrete jungle, and the threat of snow.  I, in the meantime, am trying to inconspicuously people watch while looking important typing away here on the laptop.

Because Facebook, G-chat and blogging are solving the world’s problems one post at a time, of course.  So very important!

The threat of snow seems to be what is on everyone’s mind right now, and while it seems to be thwarting my travels plans some, I really do love it.  It makes landscapes that can feel dead and dingy this time of year seem fresh and new; for me, it makes the holidays truly feel like the holidays; and as we discovered last year a good long and slow melt makes your garden grow.  And grow Big Time.

The year before last was a drought filled year, and many of our failures resulted because of it.  Even the “simple” task of tilling the soil became more complicated because the clay had hardened so with the lack of moisture.  Last year in the spring while we dreaded those tasks, we found they were made infinitely easier because the soil had softened with the two-ish months of snow.  And what we planted grew…and grew and grew and grew.  When sharing with my family how excited I was, my father eloquently reminded me that snow, for better or worse, is poor man’s fertilizer.

And as I sit here waiting for my flight, people are still buzzing about the blizzard that pounded a good portion of the Northeast only a few short weeks ago, and our beloved VA is bracing for a storm just as I get back, and I cannot be happier–as long as I make it to point a to point b 😉

Either way, if I’m delayed more, I’ll just have to sit back, close my eyes, and dream about what this weather is going to do to help me have peas on the table by April/May (and the fact that I’ll be here in April to enjoy it!  Another story for another day….)


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