Container Composting

I have been absolutely amazed and how much “compost food” we accumulate just in the few short days we’ve started on this endeavor.  After putting the pumpkins from this fall in it, I can barely lift the bin, and hopefully we’ll have a few warm days this week so everything in the bin will start to break down and start to, well, compost!

From everything I read, we needed to layer “browns” with “greens”–browns like paper, coffee grounds, leaves, and greens like veggie peelings, rotting pumpkins, and the like.  After drilling several holes in the lid and the upper sides of my bin, I filled it about two thirds full with newspaper that I tore into strips.  From there we’ve been collecting our scraps from inside and I’ve pulled a few things from outside to put in it as well (like the pumpkins and some pea vines I had been dragging my feet on).

So far so good, and hopefully we’ll start to see everything break down slowly but surely!


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