Bringing in the New Year with a 30 by 30

Happy 2011 everyone!  It’s hard to believe that 2010 is already over, but we’re excited about all that 2011 is going to bring our way–it’s going to be a great year.

I’ve been mulling over  a 30 by 30 list since my birthday back in November, and I’m close to being done with it.  It’s certainly not something to post here in its entirety, but one of the first points I wrote down was to start composting.  JGL and I have been going back and forth about composting for quite some time now, but with our new more serious plans for the garden this year, it only made sense that step one would be to amend our soil.  And amending our soil really ought to start at home by making use of our vegetable peelings and such.

JGL and I had to agree on a few points before we started, though.

  1. It had to be enclosed for fear of snakes.  We don’t deal well with snakes….
  2. We didn’t want to spend a fortune in order to have an enclosed compost bin.
  3. And it had to be enclosed for fear of snakes 😉

So that left us with what I like to call the post-Christmas sale Rubbermaid Container Composter.  For $5.98 and a half hour of drilling holes in the lid and sides, we have the start of what we hope will be an effective and easy to maintain compost bin.


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