and the husband finally speaks….or laments….

So….my wife has asked me to blog about our gardening experiences all summer.  I have stalled all advances so far but I finally broke down and took the time today to think about our experiences from earlier this year up till today as I was roaming the garden looking for vegetables to harvest.  I thought about why I haven’t entered my thoughts as of yet….I believe in my heart it is because everytime I step into the garden, I keep thinking of my childhood and what my parents went through with their gardens or the experiences I had growing up.

And then it hit me today….although I think it’s been coming for some time….As I walked towards the garden today, the fifty or so steps, it took me back in time again.  Just like my childhood home.  It’s August….for some reason, it’s a time of reflection of what has happened since spring time…and what is to come for the rest of the year.  It’s almost like a mid-term review period.

As I looked upon our garden todady I started to smile at  the fruits of our labor and started to wonder if my dad did the same many years ago.  As GAL and I started our garden again this year, we took what we learned from last year and combined that with what we studied from other people and gave it another whirl.  We failed in so many areas but as I strolled the garden today, I realized we did nothing but succeed.

Here’s how I see it, it’s up to us to learn and make mistakes and become better at what we do so when that day comes, we can pass on our talents….hopefully to our future children.  And that is why I smiled today.

There’s a saying that says “Too much agreement kills a chat”….well, growing the perfect garden every year would be boring as well.  I have enjoyed the experience with my wife this year and look forward to learning more about what we did wrong and what we did correctly.

And then one day as I look down from our heavens above, I hope to see my children walking out to their gardens with that same smirk on their face….the smirk that says….”shit, my old man did know something”.


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