The Great October Bean Search

So I know I really shouldn’t pay attention to the analytics of this blog.  I mean, let’s get real–I get one hit a day and nine times out of ten it’s my mother.  BUT, every now and then someone searches October Beans and that someone clicks here.

I will admit–I got nothing about them other than I put them in the ground, they grew, I let Mr. Sun do his thing and dry them, and now they’re sitting in a can in the basement pantry just waiting for JGL to use them.  But here’s the bigger questions, October Bean Searchers–what question are you hoping to answer by Googling October Beans?

Being Nosy Rosy here, I’m just curious if we could help each other out by seeing what we know…we’d love to hear from you!


2 thoughts on “The Great October Bean Search

    • Gracie Lou says:

      This is a great question! Anything I’ve read recently suggests a later planting (like August) is best, which allows the beans to not get too much heat, but enough to dry the beans out enough to store properly (I obviously missed this anecdote when JGL and I planted the first time!). It also looks like October Beans are also referred to as Cranberry Beans, which makes a whole lot more sense given what they look like. If I stumble upon any more useful information, I’ll certainly be sure to pass it along!

      Are you using or growing October Beans this season?

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