Slump, Buckle…I don’t care what you call it, it’s delicious!

I think cooking and cleaning will be the closest I’ll ever get to really being able to meditate.  I love how my mind kind of sorta goes blank, and for one of the few times during the day, I really focus.

This weekend has been “deliciously cool” by the standards set by Mother Nature this year.  Whereas last weekend was in the mid-high 90s with wretched humidity, yesterday and today were in the low 70s with little to no humidity.  Glorious, Glorious I say!  Yesterday we were lucky enough to catch the golf tournament at the Green Brier (and eat a delicious fried green tomato sandwich…but that’s another post for another day!), but today we were home and I was bound and determined to take full advantage of the weather.

I made a ton of stuff (let’s say, I was UBER focused today) but the one that JGL and I ended up being the most excited about was the peach and blackberry brown butter buckle.

I adapted my recipe from one I found on Smitten Kitchen a few days ago, and JGL and I are both still in a food coma. This was totally worth having to run back out to the store for butter, and waiting the 40 minutes for it to bake off in the oven, AND wait until it was cool enough to eat.

So what did I change?  I used half whole wheat flour and half graham cracker flour instead of all purpose;  almond milk instead of buttermilk; ground ginger and nutmeg instead of allspice; and peaches and blackberries instead of nectarines.  If I had it to do again, I probably would have just used the blackberries.  While the peaches were good, they really lost a bit of their punch during the cooking process.

Too bad, we’ll just have to keep taste testing 😉


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