Can-orama Part 2

My sister is getting married in October and her shower is in a few weeks.  After kibitzing with mom, we had decided on homemade jam for the shower favors.  See, I have a practical theory when it comes to favors–if you can’t use the leftovers after the event has gone by, then what’s the point?  Now nothing against the heart shaped cookie cutters and the teaspoons of lovin’, I just don’t want fifty of them hanging around my house after this thing is over.  Same goes for weddings–we ended up giving away bars of soap, and I’m thankful everyday we did–there’s a ton of it leftover, and I’m constantly cleaning.  Match made in heaven?  I think so!

So jam it was…until I heard that Beth didn’t have a favor for the wedding yet.  You know that scene from Friends when Rachel ends up taking Monica’s baby name?

I had a sneaky feeling that the favors would go down this path.  So I offered up the jam to Beth straight up, and as predicted she loved it. So we’re jamming for the wedding.

She’s experimenting with raspberry jams, and I’m sticking with my personal favorite, peach.  After a great morning of blackberry and peach picking yesterday with JGL, the jamming commenced.  I was able to get three cases done, and now I need more fruit.  But hey, they’re going to make awesome favors, just like I thought they would 😉

Betty and Matt’s Signature Ginger-Peach Love Jam
4 cups peaches (run through the food processor until chunky)
1/2-1 inch of fresh ginger, grated (to taste)
2 TBS Lemon Juice
1 box fruit pectin
5 1/2 cups sugar

Place peaches, ginger and pectin into a large pot; bring to a continuous boil.  Add sugar and return to the boil; boil continuously for 1 minute.  Meanwhile, wash and prep jars and canner.

Fill jars to 1/8th inch headspace, process in canner 10 minutes.

Let set for 24 hours, then enjoy!

**Note:  I love the flavor combo of Ginger Peach, but if it ain’t your thang, just simply omit the ginger.  Either way you choose, this recipe will come out each time.  One of the many reason’s it’s my fav!

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