Detoxing with Tomatoes

“I feel bloated” has been a favorite phrase in our house for the past few days.  I guess one can only eat so many donuts and coffee before starting to feel…craptastic.

It’s also been a crazy week in terms of food–we’ve had friends invite us out to dinner, someone brought in delicious oatmeal bars and zucchini bread to work, and I’m slowly working off of my coffee addiction by making myself these awesome frosty coffee treats in the morning.

I guess I should be lucky that “bloated” is all we’re feeling.

Anyhoo, tonight is the only night this week that JGL and I just get to sit down, eat dinner together, and spend some quality JGL/GAL time.  Plus puppies, of course.  Plus the explosion of tomatoes that we have now that the temps are ultra steamy and there’s rain in the evenings.

So tonight we attempted to detox from the coffee, donuts, too many servings of delicious steak tips, and in general the overindulgences of the past week and a half.  Tonight, we had tomato salad.

This is a favorite for us, and there are no pictures because, well–we ate it all before I could snap a shot of it.  It’s so simple, too–tomatoes, basil, red wine vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper, and tonight I added chunked up mozzarella cheese.  I don’t measure–add what looks about right and makes you happy, and I promise it won’t disappoint.  Add some chunks of day old bread, and you’ve got yourselves the makings of a pretty decent panzanella salad.

This is about as close as we get to “detox food” here in our house, but at least we’re trying!

That and we have to make room for the raspberry  sherbet we just “had to have…” sherbet is better for you than ice cream, right? Right!

Happy eating!


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