Airing our dirty laundry

So I know laundry had NOTHING to do with gardening, but with a focus this summer to try to eat local, JGL and I also have been trying to make other small changes to impact either our wallets or the environment.  Or both, for that matter.

It started with a sale and a coupon on Method Laundry detergent, which then lead me to sign up for the Seventh Generation newsletter because we’ve been using their dish detergent for years now, which then lead me to start making the majority of our home cleaners (save the laundry and the dish soap), which then lead me to Project Laundry List’s website.

This got me thinking–why make the effort to use greener cleaners and go these extra miles when I was just throwing everything in the dryer?  And we had  perfectly good dog run that we don’t use that would work just fine.  Right?  Right!  So mid-May I vowed to line dry all summer long.  And we have, faithfully, done so.  We figured out a way to squeak it out there during the rainy weeks, we line dried when we were really not excited about shlepping around laundry, and we even found a way to defeat the birds and the fermented cherries in the trees above the line.

But I have a confession to make–I used the dryer right before we headed to New Hampshire for vacation.  I had one more load that had to be done before we left, and only an hour to get it done.  It way dryer or no t-shirts.

I know, I know, not a big deal, but I kind of feel like I failed just a smidge on this one.  And I could tell which shirts they were when we were away–they just feel different.

But much like our garden, there are always second chances, right?  Right 🙂

So here’s to the line drying fools we’ve become, and to the last few warm months of summer where we can enjoy this luxury!

(That said, anyone out there who line dries inside in the winter?  Any tips/tricks?  Is anyone aside from my mother reading this thing?  No offense, Mom–you know I love ya!)


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