Patience has never been a strong virtue of mine.

I was telling my mother a while back that it feels like the tomatoes are taking forever.   FOR. EV. ER.

It then occurred to me that we’ve been cultivating these Mater Babies since the beginning of March.  It really seems like forever ago we were setting up the fans to hardy up the stems, moving them from room to room to get the best sunlight, and in looking at them now being almost as tall as I am, it’s hard to believe that they started out as big as the palm of my hand.

And the beautiful green fruit has been clinging to the vine for weeks now, tempting us with every warm balmy day with the promise of sweet sweet tomatoes.  I thought they were never going to ripen, but in looking at the back forty this Friday before the fourth of July, I caught the sight of an incredible triumph.  The first true mater of the season.

This weekend we’re hitting the garden hard with weeding and weed wacking, and I’ll be sure to report about the State of the Garden then, and I have great plans to make my way down to the Farmers Market tomorrow morning; in the meantime, JGL and I are trying to decide what to do with this beautiful, ripe, homegrown tomato.

A girl  could get used to this 😉


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